Let’s just get the pronunciation right!


How does one pronounce this letter → ø?
The ø is pronounced like “uh”. Pronounce the whole word something like “fluh-duh-buhl-ler.

Flødeboller literally means “cream buns”. A Danish pastry chef brought them from the US to Denmark in 1912. Since then, whipped cream has been replaced with Italian meringue and flødeboller have become hugely popular. 

In fact, Denmark produces 800 million flødeboller per year and Danes eat an average of 45 per year!

Both of us have many fond childhood memories of eating flødeboller – birthday parties, last day of school, Friday “hygge” – almost any celebration you could think of.

Living in Wellington, the thing we miss most from Denmark – besides family and friends – is flødeboller. We founded SweetDanes out of love for these sweets, “hygge” and Denmark, but most of all because we strongly believe that Flødeboller are TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE and we hope all you Wellingtonians will agree with us.

SweetDanes Flødeboller are based on traditional recipes, made by hand, every single one of them hand dipped in chocolate. We strive to honour the high standards of our Danish gourmet flødeboller friends using only high-quality ingredients.

Come try them out – and get a taste of Denmark, the taste of chocolate happiness and pure bliss.

Lene & Trine
Wellington, September 2022

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